Waterfall Polyptych (Panel 1) 1979


oil on canvas panel 1 of 4 panels, each 183.0 x 152.5 cm


The last of Williams' major landscapes, the Waterfall Polyptych represents a culmination of Williams' view of the landscape throughout his artistic career. It is epic in scale, but vibrant in colour scheme; flat and linear in some areas (such as the waterfall itself with its indigo rockscape); deep and densely worked in others. Waterfall Polyptych is a beautiful and expressive work, immediately recognisable as a landscape, but with an abstract quality which enables it to transcend specific locality, belonging instead to Williams' unique personal vision of Australia.


Waterfall Polyptych (Panel 1)

Waterfall Polyptych (Panel 2)

Waterfall Polyptych (Panel 3)

Waterfall Polyptych (Panel 4)


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